45° Reusable

Increases the quality and safety of your injection
Eliminates the physical discomfort of your injection
Reduces the pain otherwise associated with managing injectables

Included in package:

  • 5 pcs. of your choice
  • 5 pcs. injection needles
  • 5 pcs. draw up needles
  • 5 pcs. alcohol swabs

3 easy steps to buy:

1. Color choice
2. Syringe
3. Needle

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65.00 EUR

Syringe options

How to choose syringe size

Do not use any other type of syringe then the one you have chosen.
(Specially designed syringe holders / to avoide wrong impact)

The choice of syringe depends on the amount of solution. Syringes are labelled in how much liquid they can hold. For example, the packaging might say 3mL, meaning that the syringe can measure up to 3mL of fluid. One cc, or cubic centimeter, is the same amount as one mL. When selecting a syringe make sure that the amount of medicine or fluid that you need to draw up will fit in the syringe (don’t use a 1mL syringe when you need to draw up 2mL.) BD high-quality, easy-to-use syringe.

How to choose Glass syringe size

Device customized to fit prefilled glass syringe standard units.Adaptor clips offered to the following three types of glass syringes. From(BD). If you can’t find a match please contact Union Medico.

OBS! Device is delivered without any glass syringes however with the chosen adapter and your choice of needles.


Subcutaneous injections are given into the fatty tissue just below the skin. The lower abdomen, about an inch away from the belly button, is usually the preferred site, although they can be given into the front, middle portion of the thigh as well. They should not be given into the same site each time, as that can cause irritation of the tissue, and pain upon injection.

How to choose needle size

Subcutaneous injection

Selection is dependent on how much liquid should be injected and deposited into subcutaneous tissues.

½ – 1mL   = 10mm – 0.45mm    ⅜”x 26G    Needle
1 – 1½mL = 13mm – 0.45mm    ½”x 26G    Needle
1½ – 3mL = 16mm – 0.45mm    ⅝”x 26G    Needle

Auto Injector