Union Medico is a Developer and Manufacturer of Injectable Drug Delivery Systems. We are a trusted partner and we have been working with some of the world’s leading Biotech and Pharma companies for years. Our injection system is out there worldwide, millions of injections are now carried out with this injection system.

Proof of Concept
Pharmaceutical & Biotech
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Meaningful innovation to global health

To be a part of, just to do something different for a better human life, making everyday life more secure and comfortable for humanity.

“It’s a great thing to see our products out there and to have feedback from our users, that say – yes! and thank you for a great product. It all started when Michael Perthu got Multiple Sclerosis and was unable to make an injection at home. It has been an amazing journey for Michael Perthu and his company which has more than 20 years of studying and researching in injection techniques and device manufacturing.”

Michael Perthu, Founder CEO, MBA

Our New Platform   The worlds first

To offer this group of people who either receive or give an injection.
We look forward to a cooperation with Biotech / Pharma Companies in the near future.


Union Medico’s mission is to get the news out about our new platform and continue investment in new innovative device solutions that protect and improve injection safety, for the people on our planet.

Quality of care for Quality of life