Self-Injection Devices
Administration of Injectable Drugs

Auto-Injector 100% Depot Control

Handcrafted precision for longer-acting drug The Day After Tomorrow effect!

The drug must be delivered specifically to the target site. Along the way, any changes in the drug’s structure that may render it ineffective, such as INCORRECT injection method, must be minimized.

A new biologically active entity, its dosage form has great influence in ensuring good therapeutic efficiency. Successful drug therapy is strictly dependent on the ability of the drug to reach the site of action at the right concentration and at the right time. So-called “drug targeting” requires the identification of an effective pharmaceutical carrier with the ability to deliver a drug to the appropriate site, so that it accumulates there selectively and in predictable amounts. There are many potential benefits to targeted drug delivery: just to name a few, upfront benefits.

Controlled delivery / Target deposit / Greater drug efficiency / Less side effects

Choosing the most effective delivery system

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This injector is built from high quality materials
Design and Functionality guarantees the most
convenient and safe injection.

  • Greater drug efficiency
  • Controlled Delivery – Target Deposit
  • Ensures stability at needle penetration
  • LED light to prevent over-pressing
  • Easy-To-Use
  • Controlled tissue expansion
  • More drug effect / Less drug side effects
  • Aspiration check/avoid deposit in vessel
  • Needle shield eliminates needle exposure
  • Safety lock and Childproof
  • Choice of needle depth option IM Injections
  • Powered by a continuing spring system




Controlled injection with few steps action

Auto Injector