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Millions of Injections worldwide are carried out by this Injection platform. We are constantly exploring for new medical device technologies in a combination with timeless exceptional design and high performance products. Self-Injection Easy to Use Device

Controlled Delivery Injector for convenience and safety

Quality of care for Quality of life

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This injector is built from high quality materials Design and Functionality guarantees the most convenient and safe injection.

  • Greater drug efficiency
  • Placing Needle in tissue
  • No more anxiety and needle phobia
  • Right injection angle (90 degree)
  • Correct speed force
  • Ensures stability at needle penetration
  • LED light to prevent over-pressing
  • Controlled tissue expansion
  • Less injection pain
  • Less side effects
  • Controlled Delivery – Target Deposit
  • Aspiration check/avoid direct deposit in vessel
  • Needle shield eliminates needle exposure
  • Safety lock and Childproof
  • Choice of needle extension depth IM/SC Injections
  • Keeps needle steady
  • Ability to self-inject
  • Easy – To – Use

Easy-To-Use Patient controlled injection

Choice of Syringe

Make your choice of syringe
Only One to cover:
Syringe range 0,5mL -­ 5mL Needle range 4 – 40mm
Auto-Injector0,5ml Micro-Fine
Auto Injector1ml Micro-Fine
Auto Injector5ml


intramuscular device
Instructions for use

Injector for convenience and safety

  • Tested and verified as a high functional Injection system under ISO classification 04.19.12
  • Relevant parts are tested according to EN 12182 and ISO 11608-1
  • Tested at an accredited test institute. A constant impact velocity and a life time of 10 years were documented
  • ISO 13485 certified and audited according to GMP
  • Patent, Trademark and Design Protected
  • CE marked / EU approved
  • FDA approved
Auto-Injector information