This raw model pocket injector / To fit 05 prefilled syringe
In a combination of our innovation and your drug, our design lab
is waiting to be transformed to fit your drug and wishes for a safe
and state of the art device for your drug

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  • Controlled Delivery – Target Deposit
  • Greater drug efficiency
  • Aspiration check/avoid direct deposit in veins/vessels
  • Tissue depth and needle selection
  • Ergonomic Designed ON Lock System
  • Ensure stability at needle penetration
  • More drug effect / Less drug side effects
  • Choice of needle extension depth SC Injections
  • Needle shield eliminates needle exposure
  • Non­-slip 45 degrees pad
  • Non-­slip rubber grip handle ergonimically designed
  • Controlled tissue expansion

Auto Injector


Controlled injection with few steps action

Auto Injector
Auto Injector